Website Findability

Website Findability is the hype!

In this blog, I will be focusing on Website Findability issues such as SEO, search, analytics and mark up. This is all part of my Web development course. So, over the next few weeks, I will research and review some of these essential topics, then post my findings on this blog.

Here is one quote that illustrates the importance of Findability in web development:

“Findability precedes usability
in the alphabet and on the web.
You can’t use what you can’t find.”

Peter Morville – “Ambient Findability

findability search magnifying glass
Where finding is the key…

Also, it is possible to test Findability, just like accessiblity and usability:

Findability testing is a qualitative research method in which representative users freely search online (information) within a given focus area. The method is used to gain insight in:
(a) the information need and the consequent search strategy of the target group, and
(b) the findability of a specific website in this context.

It’s a new journey that is just about to begin. So, I hope you will find the content here valuable enough and recommend it! 🙂