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JSON-LD makes SEO brand new and trendy

It’s SEO again! Ok, let’s be clear. The first and last time I paid attention to JSON was when I was learning Front End scripting with Javascript, JQuery, DOM and AJAX. I hadn’t thought much about JSON then.

JSON is back-end?

To me, JSON is the object of the servers, while Javascript is the language of the browsers. They are the same words, but rearranged and presented slightly differently, so that each receiving end can process the data.

Developing Rich snippets for SEO
Google recommends JSON-LD for the win!

JSON-LD is one of the tool Google use to create Rich snippets for website that will show up on Search results. The best thing about this? It is very easy to use and requires little effort from the developer. But s/he has to think the page content thoroughly.

Content Management Script?

Tagging the content of a page with JSON-LD is also incredibly practical because it can be done for an already existing page. Google provides a mark-up helper for structured data where anyone can tag the content of a page live on an active url.

SEO Rich snippet and JSON-LD tags.
Structuring the data of a recipe.

We have been reeling in the age of APIs for a long time and are slowly moving to the serverless era. It is obvious to me that Javascript and its related plugins have yet to show us how far they can go in streamlining our web development SEO processes 🙂 .