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Email marketing: 1st bargain winner of the SEO race

We get fed up with social media at times, yet we still welcome emails into our mailboxes. Even when these emails are purely for marketing purposes. So, what is it that email marketing does much better than other Findability tools when it comes to customers and visitors? It’s all down to classic marketing tricks.

Marketing as a life cycle

When you design a product with a customer in mind, you might already have an idea about how you are going to start selling. But this remains a vague idea until you think through your marketing strategy. Classically speaking, this means planning how you will advertise the product in the first instance, where you will make the products available and how much you will get as a Return On Investment.

Infographic on marketing
The marketing lifecycle is driven by customers.

It’s only after sales that email marketing plays a much bigger role. This is when you want to follow up on what the customer purchased. So you offer product related services, you present similar products, you advertise upcoming sales and even collect reviews and feedback. Email marketing also makes it easier to convert a visitor on a website into a regular customer. Think about the number of times you gave up online shopping only to be reminded by email that your shopping cart was waiting on you!

Strong and steady

Email marketing is more than just sending emails about products and services. A lot of thinking goes into organising the data from market research or traffic analysis. In return, this information helps decide what email and what content to send and to whom. This is the key difference between social media marketing where people receive bulk emails that are not always relevant to them (spam and fake news, anyone?).

Graph of ROI for various findability strategies
Email marketing strikes high returns.

Email marketing tools give the opportunity to send personalised emails to targeted (potential) subscribers with device-friendly designs. It is also recommended to use automated trigger emails to initiate and promote communication based on users’ behaviours. Email marketing is an extension of commercial transactions because it allows the relationship between the customer/user and the provider to be long-lasting and meaningful.

Email marketing is relatively easy to put in place thanks to the numerous tools available. Furthermore, it is a strategy that is very responsive to changes in technologies. However, with increasingly tight regulations on customer data protection, it seems that email marketing will have to rely more and more on information collected right from the website. Findability still remains the core issue for all digital enterprises.