Here are some VERY useful resources related to the web development topics and technologies deployed in my portfolio.



Why use WordPress?: A blog with an overview of the most popular CMS. It explores why there is more to WP than meet the eyes!


Microformats: Icon for Microformats

GOOGLE Structured data: This page includes a good introduction on structured data and how to mark up a page’s content. It also has a mark-up helper that tags specific elements on existing webpages with JSON.


Accessibility and Findability:

– AF Hill: This blog explores a couple of key concepts about we development. It is useful for getting your head around certain overlapping concepts and practices.


404 and Error pages:

404 page snapshot

JustinMind: This blog summarised key information about incorporating error pages into Web development and specifically UX.

Search and SERP:

TheFindabilityBlog: This blog has very technical information about findability, search and how to make both work. This blog also functions as a platform for supporting online entreprises and businesses.


Email Marketing:

Benefits of email marketing infographic

Hubspot: This blog gives good guidelines for sending emails for marketing purposes. Additionally, it looks at the different types of emails and their underlying strategies.


Traffic analysis:

Traffic analysis for security diagram

Manageengine: This blog post considers how to go beyond routine traffic analysis. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of data in updating other areas such as security.