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When Blockchain turns BIG data into GOLDmines…

By now, I’m convinced that Findability has a much bigger part to play as we slowly move towards Web 3.0. This is the realm of AI, Big Data and… Blockchain Technology.

The trigger-article is on Bitcoinmagazine

Extracting data

Findability is the web’s own battlefield. After filling up your website’s content, you join the queue for your SERP ration, and you hire SEO tacticians. Later on, you set up a field of PPC ads and you bombard social networks with your search engines-friendly URLs. Then you wait for visitors, you refine your content and you review your traffic.

But what happens when nothing happens? Where do you go from there? Where do you find more valuable data when all the free information is already in use? Big Data is the name of this informal and universal mountain of figures, facts and details about everyone and anyone.

Blockchain's distributed networks and data infographic
Blockchain: where all transactions feeds Big data.

Big Data has no tag, no category, no format. It is a collection of information absorbed over time by information systems such as databases, privacy settings or even transaction records. Businesses that are at loss about how to win the marketing wars are out to mine Big data down to the nearest byte. And in their campaigns, they have an ally of choice: AI.

Digging the Blockchain

The Blockchain technology has grown beyond generating cryptocurrencies and producing smart contracts. It provides a new outlook on what society values and how to keep these assets out in the open. The Blockchain is a platform on which parties from all over the world can build trust over time to ensure reliability of information, transactions and…DATA.

Map of the uses of AI in Commerce
Commercial AI, the marauders of Blockchain networks?

Because its inherent processes are tightly linked to privacy, anonymity and security, the Blockchain is the perfect framework for Big Data mining. There is the ever-expanding consensus network of Dapps (Digital assets, IoT) that grows, stores and distributes data. Then there is AI (predictive algorithms, virtual personal assistants, fraud detection) running high and fast on the network highways to classify, analyse and report on the information.

Still, that is not to say the gold-data will come to businesses for free. It’s more likely that intermediaries such as specialised applications or software will be required as a payback. So what do businesses have to gain from this? Pure data with non-falsifiable trends. For any entreprise that constantly fights to remain competitive, that is just PURE GOLD.