Blockchain applied in Digital Marketing

It’s always interesting to ponder the future implications of a new or emerging technology. The Blockchain is easily the biggest game changer of the last 2 years. It  seems set to infiltrate every area of our digital existence in months and years to come.

This is the discussion on Quora:

Contracts that are smart?

Yes. Because we don’t need a pen to sign them. Nor an office or an admin person. This is a winner for people, like me, who dislike having to do unnecessary human interaction for the sake of getting on with business.

It’s not just the Banking and Real Estate or the Utilities. Even the way we blog, cloud, share, like or comment becomes a support for coins and tokens.

Blockchain for digital marketing
Blockchain as a broker for advertisers and website owners

Safe data first!

Sure, the areas of safety, security and privacy still has a lot of scope for growth. One thing I wonder is how the information collected for my contracts is going to be shared once the transaction has been concluded.

Who can say Marketing sharks won’t fish around for my spending habits before they lock me in their digital nets of newsletters, spam emails, and other recommendation algorithms?

Digital Marketing already has a lot of web development platforms from which it runs. Once the Blockchain technology gets in the mix, it will become impossible for the average person to run away from it.

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